1933 Industries: Est. 100 Million Dollar Business

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Coming to the Canadian Market

1933 Industries is a global cannabis company with assets in Canada and the United States. We’re heading into our second year, we’re publicly traded in Canada. We’re about a hundred-million-dollar business. Currently, we have significant revenues already coming out of the state of Nevada. We are rapidly expanding into multiple states and soon to be in the Canadian market as well. Says Brayden Sutton, President & CEO of 1933 Industries.

Assets in Las Vegas

1933 Industries is a Canadian public company, which owns and controls cannabis. It also controls hemp-based assets in Las Vegas Nevada. As well as a specialized cannabis advisory firm supporting clients in security, intelligence and due diligence. The company owns 91% of Alternative Medicine Association. It is a licensed medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation. The production facility that produces its own unique cannabis is based on products and manufactures other third-party brands. The company also has a 91% ownership over Infused MFG. It produces hemp-based, CBD products, thoughtfully crafted of high quality organic botanical ingredients. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Spire Global Strategy is a high-level advisory firm. It provides services to enable businesses to stay secure, compliant, and competitive. 1933 Industries is focused on strengthening and expanding its current operation For more information on 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIF: CSE) please fill out the form below.

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