13 Gold Projects in Brazil

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Michael Bennett, President & CEO of Altamira Gold Corp. speaks on the company’s 13 gold projects in Brazil.

Altamira is working in central western Brazil and we’re looking for gold. We have a large land position. The only junior in the Alta Floresta gold belt that have 250,000 hectares and 13 projects. Company have right now a 43 101 with about half a million ounces in Cajueiro of 0.8 grams per tonne gold. It will increase that resource in 2018. Things have changed in the belt because we were just looking for gold and we knew there was copper present. Anglo American made a very important discovery on the eastern side of the belt in an area called Jaca In last year because it’s the first copper porphyry discovered in that belt and it has caused this staking rush. We have already started doing our copper exploration, so we have reinterpreted all the airborne geophysics . Company generated 14 deeper seated targets and We realize as Altamira Gold that we can’t deal with all 12 properties on our own because we think the next few months is going to be a very interesting journey.” – Michael Bennett, President & CEO of Altamira Gold Corp. Altamira Gold is working on creating shareholder value for its investors and stakeholders through consistent gold recovery. The corporate strategy is to acquire and develop exceptional property holdings in highly developed and prospective districts which follow through with focused exploration and growth programs. For more information on Altamira Gold Corp. (ALTA:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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