American Aires: Protection from the Harmful Effects of Your Electronic Devices

Minimizing the harmful effects of the electromagnetic fields that surround most modern electronic devices

American Aires is a publicly listed nanotechnology company with a focus on protection from electromagnetic radiation.

The company is an Ontario based company. They are dedicated to the research, development and implementation of innovative technology solutions. These solutions allow consumers to safely engage with electronic products of the 21st century. Moreover, they are currently engaged in the business of production, distribution and sales of products intended to protect persons from the harmful effects of electromagnetic emissions. These emissions are produced from electronic devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and electric cars to name a few.

“We have an exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by daily communication devices including; your cell phone, cordless phone, Wi-Fi router, cell phone towers that is over a billion times higher than it used to be 20 years ago.”, says CEO, Dimitry Serov.

The Company has developed a technology that restructures and transforms electromagnetic field haze into a more biologically-compatible form. This reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The Company’s current principal products are; the Air Shield Extreme, Aires Black Crystal, Aires Defender Infinity, Aires Defender Automotive, Air Shield Pro, Air Defender Pro and Air Guardian.

Furthermore, the technologies developed by Aires Technologies are all built with both man and nature in mind. In fact, the primary goal of the company is to develop and realize innovative, high-tech devices that are ecologically friendly and beneficial for modern man. Markedly, nearly every piece of technology that we use in our modern society emits EMR or electromagnetic radiation.

“The amount of technology that we are using today for all ages is enormous. So, the market is unlimited.”, says Serov.

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