American Aires is Now Listed on the CSE!

This newly listed nanotechnology company is focused on protection against electromagnetic radiation

The energy of an electromagnetic wave is directly proportional to the square of its frequency. That is why high-frequency man-made radiation from everyday devices is most dangerous for humans. It can affect the molecular structure of DNA, causing abnormal cellular mutations.

“We have an exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by daily communication devices such as your cell phone that is over a billion times higher than it used to be 20 years ago”, says CEO Dimitry Serov.

American Aires has a direct to consumer product line up that has been deployed now in three categories; device specific products, an area protection product and a personal protection product.

The company believes that using the Aires coherent transformer as a protective device not only effectively restructures electromagnetic fields generated by electronic devices, transforming them into a coherent form, it also improves a host of physiological measures of one’s health due to the neutralization of one’s own electromagnetic radiation.

Furthermore, the structural properties of the field around the coherent transformer are harmonized, which forms a special zone that resonates with the surrounding wavefronts, including radiation from the very living cells that triggered the neutralizing response.

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