CEO Larry Reaugh On Eco-Friendly Recycling Of Lithium Ion Batteries

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President and CEO of American Manganese, Larry Reaugh talks about the company’s environmentally friendly recycling process for lithium-ion batteries.

Recycling of lithium-ion batteries can be done efficiently. American Manganese is a critical metals company that’s focused above all on intellectual property which is patented in three countries. The problem we solve is for the EV cars to say hey, we’re environmentally conscious. We can take their end product: a lithium-ion battery and get the lithium, then cobalt, the nickel and manganese and the aluminum out at 100% in a closed circuit that most noteworthy has nothing that goes into the environment. Due to proven process now we’re going to do a pilot plant to show that it works on a continuous basis. We’re consequently going to build a small commercial plant and you’d be surprised if the amount of revenue that’s kicked off by a two or three ton of day plant. As a result, we’re very forthcoming with our results, making us unique, we get a hundred percent of the material. Anybody else talking about recycling metallurgically they don’t give any results so it’s a guess. The company is getting international recognition and you know it’s not going to sit in this area very long.

About American Manganese Inc. (TSX.V: AMY)

A diversified exploration and development company focusing above all on minerals needed in the Battery and Steel manufacturing industry. Aggressive growth recently in its property portfolio has poised American Manganese Inc. to capitalize on the rising demand for commodities tied to Batteries and Steel.

American Manganese inc., has successfully completed proof of concept testing and filed for the US Provisional Patent Application. It is presently studying potential downstream benefits to guide the Company’s next phase of work.  The Company has successfully recycled lithium cobalt cathode material. As a result, is presently working with Kemetco Research Inc to complete recycling bench tests on nickel, aluminum, and manganese cathode chemistries and cobalt ores.  Work to date suggests high recovery rates of materials at industry-standard purity levels, ready for reuse.

Strong Management of Recycling Process:

The company is led by President and CEO Larry Reaugh, who has 53 years’ experience in the mining industry. Is credited with several producing mines. Most noteworthy he has raised more than $250 million for mining exploration and development.

Property Highlights:

  • Electrolytic Manganese: China controls the supply 98.5% (3 billion lbs.) for the world.- Artillery Peak Manganese Property in Arizona – largest known manganese resource in Southwest USA
  • IOCG: a newly-recognized deposit type with huge potential. It is evidenced by examples like Olympic Dam (reserves of 650 million tonnes)- Rocher Deboule Property in British Columbia  Three Bulk Tonnage Target
  • Niobium: has rising demand in its use in steel alloys. Niobium is also finding its way into widespread component manufacture in electronics- Brent & Lonnie Niobium Properties in B.C. – Currently optioned to Rara Tera
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