American Manganese Inc. Capitalizing on Battery Metals Demand

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American Manganese Inc. is a critical metals company. That’s focused above all on their intellectual property. Which allows them to recycle lithium ion batteries from EV cars.

A diversified exploration and development company focusing on minerals needed in the Battery and Steel manufacturing industry. Aggressive growth in its property portfolio has poised the company to capitalize on the rising demand  for commodities tied to Batteries and Steel.

The company successfully completed proof of concept. Testing and filed for the US Provisional Patent Application. And is presently studying potential downstream benefits to guide the Company’s next phase of work.

Lithium cobalt cathode material are successfully recycled and the company is working with Kemetco Research Inc. To complete recycling bench tests on nickel, aluminum and manganese cathode chemistries and cobalt ores. 

Work to date suggests high recovery rates of materials at industry-standard purity levels, ready for reuse.

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