Technology That Analyzes Big Data

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Researching stocks is now easy!  AnalytixInsight provides powerful financial analysis on 50,000 publicly traded stocks & ETFs in one place. Sign up for a free trial today at AnalytixInsight is the developer of proprietary technology that algorithmically analyzes big data and distills it into actionable insights. AnalytixInsight’s flagship product, CapitalCube, is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform providing high-quality financial research and analysis for investors, financial portals and media. AnalytixInsight has established licensing agreements with leading financial news agencies, web portals and the London Stock Exchange. The company recently solidified a partnership with Samsung to make the CapitalCube mobile application available on all new smart devices, exposing the platform to millions of potential subscribers. AnalytixInsight’s technology is not limited to financial analysis and is scalable and extendable to virtually any data-driven industry such as e-commerce, services, communications, healthcare, insurance or government. Financial data is transformed into insightful narratives. Workflow schedules are robotically analyzed for maximum performance. The technology applicable across industries, sectors and applications. The platform is abstracted from the underlying data and its power can be unleashed on any industry or sector. For more information on AnalytixInsight (ALY.V) please fill out the form below.  

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