24 Uranium Projects and Permit of Anfield Energy

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Corey Dias, CEO of Anfield Energy, talks about a positive outlook for uranium and the company’s licensed and permitted, Shootaring Canyon Mill.

“Anfield is a uranium company with all of its assets in the U.S., specifically in Utah Wyoming and Arizona. We are a near-term producer and have our 43-101 compliant resources, about 8 million pounds. Company acquire 24 projects which have some historic resource on those but Our plan is to convert those historic resources in the coming months. Our Shootaring Canyon Mill, one of only three licensed, permitted and constructed mills in the US. All have a resin processing agreement in place with the fourth largest uranium producer in the world. We can process up to 1/2 million pounds Uranium per year from its existing processing plant. If you look at the U.S., 20% of the U.S. is powered by nuclear and uranium is the power source for nuclear power. So this is something that actually powers people’s homes, powers buildings, powers a number of commercial interests. The U.S. consumes probably about 50 to 55 million pounds per year and it is the largest consumer in the world. The outlook for uranium is quite positive. I think globally you’ll see a significant increase in the number of reactors being installed. We think that presents an opportunity for companies  in the up side of the market.” – Corey Dias, CEO of Anfield Energy Anfield is a uranium and vanadium development. The near-term production company is that is committed to becoming a top-tier energy-related fuels supplier by creating value through sustainable, efficient growth in its assets. Anfield is a publicly-traded corporation listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange (AEC-V), the OTCQB Marketplace (ANLDF) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (0AD). For more information on Anfield Energy (AEC:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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