Avalon: Materials For Clean Technology

Avalon Advanced Materials is a mineral development company focused on metals and minerals for use in clean energy and new technology

There is growing demand for formerly-obscure elements in new technologies. These include clean energy, aerospace, energy efficiency, modern electronics and medical applications.

Further, Avalon owns a diverse critical metals and minerals property portfolio. These offer investors exposure to lithium, tin and indium, as well as rare earth elements, tantalum, niobium and zirconium. Three projects are in advanced stages of development.

Moreover, the company has been developing critical metal and mineral properties since the mid 1990’s, when President & CEO, Don Bubar, first acquired the Separation Rapids Lithium Project for its industrial mineral potential for glass-ceramics.


Avalon has been annually reporting on its sustainability performance for almost a decade. In fact, Avalon’s sustainability reports provide tangible evidence that the mineral development industry is evolving rapidly as it transitions to cleantech materials production; embraces new, more efficient process technology; and reduces the scale of initial operations – all resulting in a greatly reduced environmental footprint.

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