Ronnie Witherspoon On Rigs and Equipment transportation

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President and CEO of Aveda Transportation and Energy Services, Ronnie Witherspoon. Talks about the company’s refurbishment program that is sure to improve profitability. Grown into one of the largest rig moving companies in North America. The company provides safe, rapid and reliable transport of rigs and equipment across the United States and Canada. After joining the company in 2016, President and CEO Ronnie Witherspoon, turned the company around from it’s all-time low. Over the last four quarters we got seven million dollar improvement quarter over quarter. Then in our most recent quarter, we had about a 9 Mil improvement compared to same quarters to the previous year. Our actual target market is going to depend on which base we are talking about in particular. But I guess in broad terms in general we work for large drilling contractors. Same way with the operators;  large, small operators, large independents, medium independents. A long list of blue chip customers to the likes of HMP, Nabors, Chevron, Shell, Precision, Trinidad. The list goes on and on. We’re really excited about our refurbishment program, I think it’s going to be great to see more of our kit get on the road and a higher utilization of our assets, less dependence on our third parties and I think that will really set us up for 2018 and really improve our profitability as we navigate through 2018. In this business, there’s more to moving than owning a truck. Your rig, assets and equipment are integral to your operation and livelihood—and given their numerous variables and challenges, it’s a smart move to entrust its transportation to a company that understands your needs inside and out. Our approach is simple, but rare. We pre-plan every step of the loading, unloading, hauling and rebuilding processes, so your move is always safe and efficient—with zero surprises. We may now be the largest—but no job is too small. In accordance to your needs, we move rigs and worksite equipment across the city or across the continent. And thanks to our top-of-the-line satellite communication, GPS tracking technology and commitment to transparency and communication, you’ll always know precisely where your materials are. Combined with our on-the-ground expertise and timely, accurate invoicing, you can rest assured that your equipment will arrive precisely as agreed, with optimized safety and minimized downtime. For more information on Aveda Transportation and Energy Services (AVE.V) please fill out the form below.

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