Ross Orr, CEO of BacTech Environmental on Mining Solutions That Keep the Earth Green

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Ross Orr, CEO of BacTech Environmental speaks on the company’s technology than cleans up historic mine tailings while solving the acid mine draining problem.

“Our focus is on the waste that’s generated from the mining industry which tend to be called tailings and in tailings our sulfides that break down and create acid rock drainage. We’re a unique company in the sense that we use bio leaching technology. We’re the only company in the world that actually goes looking for arsenic. Arsenic is stabilized as a result of using bio leaching. And the big thing in mining is if you don’t have a commercial technology, you’re just another black box and there’s a lot of black boxes around. BacTech has commercial technology and we’re using it to leverage our way into projects where we can clean up historic mine tailings, solve the problem of the acid mine drainage and keep the metals for our own account.

Partnership whit state mining company

We have a partnership with Comibol, the state mining company of Bolivia. In Bolivia we’re going to be producing this year, we will produce tin, copper and silver. That cash flow then will drive other projects such as what we’re pursuing in Ecuador right now which is cleaning up our cyano pyrite tailings which is arsenic and gold tailings. We have a Canadian solution to a global problem, that being the remediation of historic mine tailings that have been left behind after hundreds of years of mining.” – Ross Orr, CEO of BacTech Environmental BacTech is a pioneering, environmental technology company that has developed and commercialized a proprietary technology to remediate highly toxic tailing areas resulting from abandoned mining operations. In addition, the Company recently added processing of arsenopyrite ores produced by artisanal miners in South America to its’ slate of offerings.

The technology

BacTech’s core technology, called “bioleaching”, employs naturally-occurring bacteria, harmless to both humans and the environment, to oxidize the sulphide materials left behind after years of mining. The tailings may contain ores and related materials contaminated by arsenic and other substances that are poisonous to humans and animals, as well as harmful to the local environment. The sulphides in the tailings react (oxidize) with the atmosphere to create an acidic solution called acid rock drainage (“ARD”), which leaches into the surrounding area over time. BacTech’s bioleaching process can stabilize these toxins from minerals and prevent additional harmful AMD. The technology provides a “Garden of Eden” environment for the bacteria to thrive and multiply and permits them to achieve in 6 days what would normally take 20 years to occur naturally. For more information on BacTech Environmental (BAC:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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