Analysts’ Take on AI In the Real World | Barry Po

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Barry Po, Vice President of AI Solutions at mCloud, speaks about the opportunities that AI has to offer

Po says Artificial Intelligence is opening up doors for mCloud to be able to solve problems. In addition, he says that critical problems were traditionally considered to be impractical or impossible for people to solve. 

“We’re just starting to tap into the real potential for AI out in the real world,” he says. ” As we begin to discover access to all of the data that we have and how to pull it together so that we can apply it to these advanced neural networks for interesting business outcomes.”

AI performance benchmark by country

Here’s an interesting look at a statistic that shows a performance bench for AI for selected countries in 2018.

As you can see, the U.S. is showing the best performance in regards to AI with a total benchmark score of 337. Followed by Germany, U.K., China and France as the top countries with the highest benchmark scores.