Graeme O’Neill, CEO of Bayhorse Silver, talks on Single Largest Silver Deposit Discovered in Oregon

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Graeme O’Neill, President and CEO of Bayhorse Silver Inc., speaks about the company’s transition from an exploration company to a mining company.

Bayhorse Silver is strictly focused on the Bayhorse Silver Mine. It’s recognized as the single largest silver deposit ever discovered in Oregon. We’re planning approximately 100 ton a day operation just using the basis of the historic numbers of twenty ounces a tonne. As a result, that’ll give us 2000 ounces a day, 50,000 ounces a month. Moreover, we have an agreement with Liberty Refiners out of Coeur d’Alene and Irish Metals who have formed a company called Mineral Solutions. Basically, what they do is they eliminate the smelter staff. So that’s a saving in itself. We’re committed to providing them a minimum of 14 tonne a day. So that they can go pure silver directly, back to us or sell it into the market. Because they supply both the Sunshine Mint and the Canadian Mint with pure silver. Bayhorse Silver has transitioned from being an exploration company to a mining company. Not only have we married technology in mining. We now have an active silver mine. Also, we hopefully will start cash flow fairly shortly. That will minimize our need to go to the market for financing and reward shareholders.

Bayhorse Silver Inc.

Bayhorse Silver Inc., has a highly experienced team of mining engineers geologists and miners to actively bring its Bayhorse Silver Mine to production. Basically, using a Steinert Ore-Sorter, we are marrying advanced technology with standard mining techniques to promote environmentally friendly and low cost mining. Thus, we expect to produce between 640,000 to 1,280,000 ounces of Silver over the next 12 months. The Bayhorse Silver Mine is a past producing mine. The Company has brought the mine back into an operating status. As disclosed in the National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report on the Bayhorse Mine, (link to report at top of page) there is a known mineralized zone (Herdrick 1981) at the Bayhorse Mine reportedly approximately 840 feet in length, 85 feet in width, and 22 feet thick, estimated to contain 160,000 tons of silver bearing mineralization at a reported grade of 17-20 ounces per ton silver at a 7.5 ounce per ton cut off. For more information on Bayhorse Silver Inc. (BHS:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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