Baylin: Well Positioned for 5G Networks | Randy Dewey

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Randy Dewey, President & CEO of Baylin Technologies Inc. talks about their two acquisitions that helped position them for 5G networks.

“Baylin Technologies has a thousand employees in nine countries. We are truly a global company. We are in the wireless telecommunications market, which is growing 25 percent compounded annually. And Baylin is in an exceptional position to be able to harness that growth. Baylin’s main focus is RF and antenna technologies and we operate in four different verticals. So, we continue to solve wireless problems, connectivity problems that is, whether it’s in the carrier space on a cell tower or an earth station. Over the past 40 years we’ve launched over a hundred patents, associated with that we have 2000 different custom nice products. Recently, we were faced with an LT densification problem. One, the industry needed the very first small cell antenna product. We created that first product, launched it to market, identified and address two issues. One, bandwidth increased requirements, as well as latency issues that we addressed in the LTE. The next generation for the wireless network, the 5G network, is a massive rollout. Baylin has been developing 5G products, as well as working with customers on 5G trials and we are well positioned to take advantage of that market. Baylin Technologies has completed two key acquisitions in 2018 that give us important technologies and capabilities to position us for 5G. Both the companies that we acquired positioned Baylin well for 2019.” – Randy Dewey, President & CEO of Baylin Technologies

About Baylin Technologies

Baylin Technologies is a leader in the wireless world. All of the stakeholders take considerable pride in how the company conducts business, who it conducts business with and the outcomes it will achieve. Baylin revels in bringing new ideas to the world through wireless communications and celebrates connecting people. This is a company of character who brings trust and value to your investments. For more information on Baylin Technologies Inc. (BYL:TSX) please fill in the form below.

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