Baylin Technologies: Wireless Technology Leader

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Randy Dewey, CEO of Baylin Technologies. On the changes the company has made to capture the wireless world.

Baylin Technologies has been at the forefront of the mobile transformation. And as a pure play antenna company, we’ve been laying the data highways for the past 40 years. Operating in three main areas:
  • First, is the mobile phone market.
  • The second, is networking products.
  • And third is the infrastructure products.
That includes things such as mobile phones, routers and gateways. As well as indoor and outdoor and tennis. The company has produced in its last 40 years over a billion antennas across 2,000 custom designs. We are a 40 year old technology company that has filed over a hundred patents in dozens of countries around the world. The demand for data is doubling every few years and this really comes through the use of video on cell phones. People using artificial intelligence, machine to machine communication, even the autonomous vehicle that’s to come. We’ve made three bold changes in the past two years in our company:
  • First, we’ve moved our headquarters and our main R&D center here to Canada.
  • Second, we’ve entered a new market in base station tower antennas that is a multi-billion dollar opportunity.
  • Third, we’ve hired five new PhD’s and 10 elite industry experts to complement our exceptional team. We’ve created a great platform and we are poised to capture this market and we really feel that time for Baylin is now.

ABout Baylin Technologies

A leader in the wireless world. The depth of skill and experience in the Board of Directors is mirrored by that of the Executive Management Team providing credibility and accountability for investors. All of the stakeholders take considerable pride in how the company conducts business, who it conducts business with and the outcomes it will achieve. Baylin revels in bringing new ideas to the world through wireless communications and celebrates connecting people. This is a company of character who brings trust and value to your investments. For more information on Baylin Technologies (BYL.TO) please fill out the form below.

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