Baylin Technologies Inc: Preparing for 5G

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Baylin Technologies is keeping up the advancing wireless telecommunications industry preparing for 5G.

Baylin is a diversified leading global wireless technology. It is leading management company. Baylin focuses on research, design, development, manufacturing and sales. It is been concerned for passive and active RF products and services. We aspire to meet our customers’ needs and expect the direction of the market.
The headquarter of Baylin technologies is in Toronto. It is the corporate head office of Galtronics Corporation. Further continued with Advantech Wireless Technologies Inc. and Alga Microwave.

About Galtronics – Antenna Company

Galtronics is a 40 year old pure play antenna company. It was Baylin’s first subsidiary. With a track record of “figuring it out first”, Galtronics’ focus on RF engineering.
It is been expertized in manufacturing efficiency. It is lead by a talented group of staff. They provide innovation to the wireless marketplace in mobile, small cell infrastructure. Further continued with embedded antenna solutions.
Galtronics has a strong, blue-chip customer base that includes the leaders in the mobility and connectivity sectors. Galtronics has partnered with its customers to develop many industry firsts and both their antennas and their customers’ products have been recognized for their innovation. Because Galtronics has both in-house design and global manufacturing facilities that are strategically located near its key customers, it facilitates a one stop shop antenna solution for its clients while also allowing for better management of production costs thereby preserving margins.

About Advantech – Baylin Acquired Company

Advantech is a 40 year old company that Baylin acquired in January 2018. Advantech Wireless is a leading wireless broadband communications solution provider for Commercial, Critical Infrastructure & Government and Military clients. Our smarter solutions give clients the freedom reach farther, to achieve reliable connectivity anywhere in the world, and accomplish critical missions of global significance. We design turnkey terrestrial and satellite communications solutions that maximize performance and minimize operational costs, all with uncompromising quality. With our customized approach, award-winning R&D and innovative engineering, we empower you to achieve excellence in communication, while you experience reduced CAPEX and OPEX overall.

About Alga

Alga is a 15 year old company acquired by Baylin in July 2018. Complimentary to Advantech, Alga is a leading supplier of Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), Pulsed Amplifier for Radar Applications, Transmitter and Transceiver products as well as RF Passive Components and systems.
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