Cannabis Firm Enters Healthy Partnerships & Acquisitions | Andrew Wnek

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Andrew Wnek, CEO of Beleave Inc., speaks on the recent partnerships and acquisitions of cannabis firm.

About Beleave Inc

Beleave focuses on providing the high quality product to supply the medical cannabis market. We actually reached out to Ryerson University, they’re helping us with oil extraction processes, with genetics and with looking at how to monitor the health of the cannabis plant. Guelph University is helping us understand how cannabis is taken into the system. We have also been doing pain research with McMaster University specifically related to rheumatoid arthritis. Our financial position is very healthy. We have in excess of ten million dollars in the bank. We have just completed the acquisition of Medi-Green, which is three clinics and over four thousand patients. Our focus is to grow this network of clinics across Canada. And we are actively looking at international opportunities both from the perspective of export and import of oil extracts. And in addition, we are looking for properties through partnerships where we can actually own growing capacity overseas. We’re fully licensed, financially sound and well-funded, we are completing an 80,000 square foot greenhouse and our revenues are growing through a larger customer base.” – Andrew Wnek, CEO of Beleave Inc. Our Passion for what we do come from a place of compassion. With determination & commitment, we believe that when used properly, medicinal cannabis has the potential for treatment of symptoms associated with a variety of disorders. With decades of growing experience paired with industry leading equipment we’re able to provide our customers with the best possible product. For more information on Beleave Inc. (BE:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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