Big Data Solutions | Jeff Stevens | Datametrex

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Jeff Stevens, President and CEO of Datametrex talks about how the company has taken opportunities in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptomining and big data.

About Datametrex and Big Data Solutions

I think what’s unique about Datametrex is we’ve approached multiple verticals. When we created the company we didn’t want to be one trick pony and have all our eggs in one basket. Technology changes very quickly and we felt to de-risk it l for ourselves and our shareholders, it was important to have multiple verticals that can complement each other but stand alone. We work to identify what we think are great opportunities in the market. And as a result we’ve gone after artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptomining and big data. We think that having exposure to all four of those verticals is a great diversification of risk for our shareholders. But also provides exposure to what we think are technologies that are in the very beginning stage of their lifecycle. And through that when we identify the segment we need to get into, we then look for teams operating teams that have tremendous experience and great businesses. And then we acquire them and from the corporate level we provide oversight and guidance. But we allow them the opportunity to continue operating as we acquired them. Because they’re are great operators so why would we get the middle of that. So, it’s really about identifying great teams, providing them with the access to capital and growth and building the company from there. Datametrex is a big data company for retail, brands, and other organizations. The company’s DataTap technology captures all data sent from the POS to the receipt printer and scanner, and then sends it to the cloud. So it can be presented for key decision making. The company is planning on integrating the DataTap environment to decentralized blockchains to further authenticate and validate the data collected. For more information on Datametrex Ltd. (DM:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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