Blockchain Foundry: At the Forefront of Blockchain Technology

Consulting services and blockchain-based solutions for businesses

Blockchain Foundry Inc. develops and commercializes blockchain-based business solutions. The company also provides consulting services to corporate clients seeking to incorporate blockchain technology into their businesses.

“We’ve been growing year over year pretty substantially. We are profitable as a business, and that is something that’s rare in the blockchain space,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Wasyluk.

About Syscoin Spark

Syscoin Spark is Blockchain Foundry’s newest Syscoin desktop wallet. Further, it is designed for clients looking to spark their project with blockchain. It’s also available for free to the Syscoin community. Featuring an extensible branding framework, Syscoin Spark Wallet allows Blockchain Foundry to quickly and easily customize the look and functionality for client use cases. Moreover, Spark allows Blockchain Foundry clients to provide a branded, secure, easy to use experience to their communities for interacting with SPTs.

“There are a lot of major centralized payment information providers today who will be displaced by blockchain’s increased adoption. If it realizes all the potential that it has in those spaces of identity, I think that it’s probably on the same scale as the internet in terms of disruption,” says Wasyluk.

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