Investor Alert: Blockchain Foundry- 10 Million Dollars Raised

Raised $10 million dollars to fund an increased focus on products

Blockchain Foundry develops and commercializes blockchain-based business solutions and provides consulting services to corporate clients seeking to incorporate blockchain technology into their businesses.

The company is a gateway to the decentralized universe. They are at the intersection of design, strategy as well as blockchain technology. Further, their products, services and deep-rooted protocol development experience make them unique.

Blockchain Foundry has successfully raised $10 million dollars. “This has allowed us to scale up our consulting practice while concurrently ramping up development on products,” CEO, Dan Wasyluk. Their product suite simplifies the process of acquiring, holding, exchanging, auditing and enforcing compliance regulations that surround blockchain systems.

The company is also exploring joint ventures with organizations to help with the adoption of its product suite.

“Blockchain Foundry is building the tools needed to remove the friction complexity of blockchain systems to unlock their true value,” says Wasyluk.

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