Blockhain Intelligence Group’s Technology For Blockchain Security

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B. I. G., the biggest thing in Blockchain Security! A regulation technology to trace, track, and monitor cryptocurrencies at a forensic level. With solutions for law enforcement, regulators, retailers, and the financial industry. BitRank Verified™, a scoring mechanism for digital currencies: Individuals want to be able to have a level of confidence that the bitcoin addresses with which they are sending or receiving coins have not been use by a criminal element before a transaction takes place and this is what BitRank™ offers. BitRank™, users are able to perform a single address lookup using our website or using our proprietary API module. Each lookup provides a safety score between 0 and 100. Bitcoin wallets that are flagged with a higher risk profile are given a lower score, whereas lower risk profile wallets receive a higher BitRank™ score. blockbits: Real-time search and data analytics for companies needing to quickly and securely verify critical business information. Our world-class API and user-friendly visual interface provide rapid access to the data you need. QLUE: Quickly drill down to the critical information you require, contained within any Blockchain. Our API will manage the Big Data burden across multiple datasources, while you assess risk and make informed decisions. For more information on Blockhain Intelligence Group Inc. (BIGG:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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