BlockTech Ventures providing real-world blockchain solutions

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Dean Sutton, CEO and Founder of BlockTech Ventures shares how they are providing real-world blockchain solutions. As well as the company’s plans to launch 3 to 4 enterprise companies in 2018.

BlockTech Ventures is a technology company that’s focused on the enterprise and commercial application of blockchain enabled technologies. I think the good thing is to have a clear separation between what bitcoin is and what blockchain is. Bitcoin is an application built on top of blockchain in the same way that email is an application on top of the Internet Protocol. There’s unique value that has been uncovered that can’t be put back in the bottle so to speak. The functionality of blockchain is the thing that has capabilities and everything from supply chain to logistics. It’s a global distributed ledger. It’s a ledger system for organizing data, creating trusts, peer-to-peer transactions. It doesn’t need to be clearing houses, banks or anything that is in between the transaction of the two parties. That have made the arrangement. So BlockTech Ventures is a technology company that’s focused on the development of enterprise blockchain solutions. So in that we’ve identified that there’s three core pockets that we need access to. And by creating a unique model that cross-pollinate to all three we’re able to interact with industry. The development talent and deep into the technology to actually be able to provide real-world solutions. That work today and they’re not as speculative as currencies or the applications that are built on top. And that’s what we’re looking to do with the enterprise side. We’re going to continue to grow our performing portfolio. We’re going to launch three to four enterprise companies in the 2018 calendar year as well as launch three to four Marquis Enterprise projects with our partners.

BlockTech Ventures

Is a fully integrated blockchain technology company. That has established a business model for the development, incubation and commercialization of blockchain enabled technology platforms and companies.
  • Blockchain technology  & Platform Development
  • End-to-end enterprise solutions & consulting
  • Early stage investment and commercial acceleration
  • Technology driven transaction processing & distributed computing.
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