Braingrid CEO Michael Kadonoff On Technology for Cannabis Cultivators

“Braingrid is presently focused on cannabis facilities, commercial and the small grow as well. Our solutions allow growers and the stakeholders within the grow op facility to make better decisions. Thus, we do this by offering great technology. Thus very easy to deploy, very low cost capturing key metrics.

With the help of sensors, integrations with other companies. Thus crunch the numbers and boil it down to reports, alarms and even predictions. Hence, in the future it can avoid risk, crop loss, identify opportunities for yield increases and more.

Therefor inside, we have everything. From hardware with that patented box we call a Sentroller. Thus relays all the information about a facility all the way through to the network infrastructure and everything between so that it’s turnkey for them. We’re working on data science and machine learning to say things like unless you do X right now you’re going to lose a room in three days.

That would be very powerful as a problem statement to solve. We don’t replace the grower. That’s not our goal here. We enable them to make better decisions by processing all the disparate silos of data all throughout their facility. Capturing key metrics that help eliminate risks, avoid crop losses through the use of data science and data management techniques.” – Michael Kadonoff, Founder & CEO of Braingrid

About Braingrid Limited

A global technology company that provides an affordable, versatile and quick-to-install data acquisition and wireless sensor integration platform for cannabis cultivators. Capturing real-time data needed to increase revenues, reduce costs and risks, and connecting cultivators to their grow on a microclimate level, Braingrid is also developing systems utilizing data science, machine learning and AI to deliver “smart” controls and building management solutions for the precision agriculture and energy efficiency sectors.

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