Cannabis Goes High-Tech with Remote Monitoring – Braingrid Ltd.

As Canada celebrates cannabis legalization, Braingrid is focused on advancing their sensor platforms that offer remote grow room monitoring for cannabis cultivators. Likewise, one of the few public high-tech service companies focused in the cannabis sector.

Braingrid Limited is a global technology company that provides an affordable, versatile and quick-to-install data acquisition and sensor integration platform for cannabis cultivators. Moreover, capturing real-time data needed to increase revenues. Also reduces costs and risks. Connecting cultivators grow on a microclimate level. Braingrid is also developing systems utilizing data science, machine learning and AI. Consequently it deliver “smart” controls and building management solutions.

Our versatile, easy-to-install sensor device can quickly connect to any sensor. Moreover several can be installed into any cultivation environment within minutes.

Our Sentroller wirelessly transmits data to our communication gateway, the Synapse. Moreover, data is then cellulary sent to the Braingrid Cloud.

Cloud ➔ Dashboard
From there, finally you can view your sensor data in your customized dashboard where you can set alerts and alarms.

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