Eclipse Residential: Mortgage Investment With 7.4% Annual Dividend

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Eclipse Residential MIC: a unique and proven investment in residential mortgages. Diversified, with over 800 mortgages across Canada and a 7.4% annual dividend1.

Brompton’s success is achieved by offering innovative, well-conceived investment products with fair terms at low cost and supported by strong corporate governance. Brompton’s management team, its directors and the members of the Independent Review Committee are a highly-respected group of accomplished business leaders. The experience, track record and integrity of its people are Brompton’s most valuable assets.

Eclipse Residential Mortgage Investment Corp.

  • Proven investment strategy has generated growth in dividends and book value per share
  • Single family, owner-occupied residential mortgage portfolio secured by homes in liquid urban centres across Canada
  • Over 800 mortgages, diversified by term and property location
  • Short-duration portfolio offers protection in a rising interest rate environment while providing the opportunity for increased income
  • Attractive dividends: 7.4% current dividend rate1

1. As at December 29, 2017

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