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It pays to diversify beyond Canada for your financial sector investments. Brompton North American Financials Dividend ETF. Active management and high distributions.

Brompton North American Financials Dividend ETF

This ETF provides monthly distributions and the opportunity for capital gains through an investment in an actively managed portfolio of large cap North American financial services companies selected by Brompton, complemented by a proprietary covered call program. Our PM team first uses a top-down analysis to identify attractive sub-sectors. Rigorous fundamental analysis focuses the portfolio on at least 15 North American Financial Services Companies (as defined herein) with a market capitalization of at least $5 billion. The PMs then actively set the level of covered call writing (up to a maximum of 33%), with the goal of optimizing distributable cash and total returns. This ETF is for Investors who are:
  • Seeking capital appreciation
  • Seeking enhanced income through covered call strategies
  • Comfortable with equity risk
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