Brompton is Targeting Healthcare and Technology

Brompton Exchange Traded Funds have honed in on specifically targeting healthcare and technology sectors.

According to Senior Vice President of Brompton, Chris Cullen, this is due to the Canadian equity index lacking in sector exposures,that can generally be achieved from a global basis.

“Two very good examples are technology and health,” Cullen says. “The Canadian market is underweight for those two very important sectors.”

To help address these issues, they came out with two Canadian hedged ETFs, a Tech Leaders Income ETF and their Global Healthcare Income and Growth ETF.

Focused on the Retail Client Base

Brompton is very clear about who they see as their client base. As a firm they’re focus is on the retail client base and their different needs compared to institutional clients.

“What we’re bringing is active management,” says Cullen. We’re bringing strategies that have a higher than normal level of dividends.

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