Brompton Funds: ETF with Real Growth Opportunities & Real Dividends

Brompton Global Real Assets Dividend ETF

Brompton Global Real Assets Dividend ETF provides high monthly distributions. It also provides the opportunity for capital gains by investing in an actively managed portfolio of Global Real Assets companies (primarily real estate, utilities, infrastructure, resources) selected by Brompton, complemented by a proprietary covered call options program to enhance monthly income. The Company’s Portfolio Management team first uses a top-down analysis to identify attractive sub-sectors. Rigorous fundamental analysis focuses the portfolio on well-positioned, large-capitalization Real Assets issuers. The Portfolio Managers then actively set the level of covered call writing. They do so with the goal of optimizing distributable cash and total returns, and reducing portfolio volatility.

Brompton’s ETFs

Brompton’s ETFs provide investors income and, for its equity ETFs, growth potential through exposure to actively managed portfolios of global equities and/or of equities of specific high growth industries.  Moreover, their equity ETFs employ active covered call strategies to increase portfolio income and to lower portfolio volatility. Additionally, their fixed income strategies are actively managed and focus on alternative fixed income asset classes with proven track records that are not easily available in Canada.

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