Small cap opportunity in Technology, Cannabis, and Energy Sectors

BTV Highlights 5 Companies Spearheading Innovation

On this Business Television episode, find companies to invest and learn how innovative companies in the sectors of renewable energy, cannabis accessories, augmented reality, high performance Wi-Fi and bioscience are ready to takeoff.

High performance Wi-Fi

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (YFI:TSX.V, KPIFF:OTCQB) has developed a new technology that promises to optimize Wi-Fi traffic. And the CEO Andrew Skafel describes the next steps to revolutionize this $33 billion dollars market.

The patented technology solves connection density issues. Now it is now an approved vendor of custom high-performance solutions for the residential market with the fifth largest cable operator in the US.

The universal problem with Wi-Fi is connection failure. Videos get pixelated, games are disconnected and connection slows down.

Density is what usually causes this problem. You can compare it to a single lane highway with cars trying to go the same direction, which makes all data traffic slow and not efficient.

Edgewater Wireless’ patented solution is the only multi-lane highway for making Wi-Fi connections faster and more efficient.

Augmented Reality – a whole new solution for e-commerce

NexTech AR Solutions (OTC:NEXCF, CSE:NTAR) is turning the promise of innovation and imagination into tangible solutions for e-commerce, education, live streaming and video conferencing.

With augmented reality it is possible to see how a household appliance would fit in the space you have, or match with your decoration.

Nowadays, 90% of all shopping is still done in-store, which translates into a 30 trillion-dollar global marketplace.

Currently, e-commerce represents only about 3 trillion, but if people feel more comfortable buying from home, the conversion rate will increase from three percent to six to nine percent.

NexTech has also developed a way to integrate 3D advertising into Facebook, a platform used by over one and a half billion people.

This technology can be available to small, medium and large size e-commerce companies. The giant ones have been using it for some time now, without sharing it.

High Tide is surfing the wave of cannabis market

The cannabis industry is a growing sector and High Tide (CSE:HITI) is moving quickly into the markets in North America and the EU.

High Tide is a veteran in manufacturing, distributing, retail and wholesale of smoking accessories.

The founder of the company, Raj Grover, talks about his experience in distribution and retail prior to High Tide and how he could see the “Rising Tide of Cannabis” coming.

His instinct proved right and now High Tide has ten retail locations operating in Alberta, with another 26 locations in various stages of construction.

Also a leader in the e-Cig market, the company manufactures over 3,500 different cannabis accessories that are sold not only in Canada, but online and in over 3,000 stores worldwide.

And these numbers tend to increase for three reasons pointed by

  • cannabis is becoming mainstream, which means more access to the end consumer
  • Latin America is expected to join in and dominate in short orders
  • Big Pharma will join the CBD party.

Renewable energy:

Renewable energy movement is in its beginning and has lots of potential to grow in the coming years.

Residential and small commercial power generation is the bet for parts of the world where electricity cost is considerably higher.

Eguana Technologies (TSX:EGT) has designed a power control system that enables different generation sources of energy to play nicely together. The founder, Brent Harris, talks about the patented inverter that takes DC power and connects it to the AC power on the grid.

The company made the necessary advances in power electronics, but received invaluable contribution from lithium-ion technology.

In partnership with LG Chem, a lithium battery supplier, Eguana Technologies has now over 6,000 systems installed around the world, 28 distributors in the US with focus on Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

In Australia, the company has 12 distributors and received a $ 200 million government subsidy to install 40,000 residential systems in South Australia, which translates into about half a billion dollar industry.

Solar System Company Hunwha Q Cells chose this technology to go along with their solar system in residential applications. By now there are over 17,000 rooftop systems installed.

If they reach the European average attachment rate of 50% using this technology, it would represent between 30 and 40 million in recognized revenue for this promising start up.

Bioscience applied to health:

Bioscience and a world-leading tobacco company have joined to develop unique oral nicotine products that promise to save 60,000 lives a year.

Lexaria Bioscience (CNSX:LXX) promises health improvements for any number of people who are ingesting drugs and molecules like pain relief, CBD and nicotine.

Everybody agrees that smoking is not healthy. Dehydra Tech is a technology that delivers CDB and nicotine through ingestion. The drug is carried across the intestine walls, getting more of it into the bloodstream more quickly. Studies in vitro in vivo and human clinical studies have proved them right.

With 10 patents approved and other 50 pending, Lexaria Bioscience sees the opportunity to change the population’s smoking habits. And is partnering with companies that can help them do it in America and elsewhere in the world.

Analyst comments on what to look for when investing on small cap companies:

Brent Todd advises investors to be wary of small cap companies that change sectors overnight or commit to no complimentary businesses.

Secondly, always look at the market cap when buying penny stocks. If a company’s share is low, it doesn’t always mean it’s a cheap stock.

For example, a company trading at a dollar a share may have 200 million shares, so it is a 200 million-dollar company.


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