BTV Explores Investment Options in Life Sciences

BTV-Business Television explores life science investment opportunities including psychedelic-based therapies and home COVID-19 tests

On national TV Sat. May 8 & Sun. May 9, 2021

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BTV learns how this company is revolutionizing healthcare by using psychedelic molecules to address mental health disorders. Cybin’s ambition is to improve the lives of those suffering from mental illness by changing the expectation of treatment.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE: LXX, NASDAQ: LEXX)

A leading bioscience company whose patented technology, DehyraTECH, provides a faster and more effective drug delivery method. Lexaria is a global leader in enhancing the speed and efficiency of orally delivered fat-soluble active molecules and drugs.

StageZero Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX: SZLS)

BTV learns about this company’s next generation test that can detect up to ten different cancers in one sample of blood. Aristotle® detects the cancers that both men and women have in common as well as the cancers that are gender specific.

NeonMind Biosciences (CSE: NEON, OTC: NMDBF)

Obesity is one of the world’s biggest health issues. BTV weighs in on this novel psychedelic treatment approach to tackle the issue. The company believes a psychedelic substance called psilocybin can play a role in treating the mental health issues around obesity.

Empower Clinics Inc. (CSE: CBDT)

Empower is providing body and mind wellness for over 200,000 patients through its US and Canadian clinics, a telemedicine platform, home COVID-19 test kits and a world-class medical diagnostics laboratory in Texas. Empower is also aggressively growing its clinical and digital presence across the US and Canada.

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