Builders Capital Mortgage CEO Sandy Loutitt On financial delivery system that’s catered to builders

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Builder’s Capital specializes in residential wood frame construction in Western Canada. We’ve developed a financial delivery system. The system catered specifically to builders that enables them to do more with less. The problem in the industry that we’re trying to solve, is access to capital that’s efficient. It has a delivery system that understands the business model of our clients. it enables them to make better profits and do more work. We came up with this system because we sat back and said as builders what would we want and a financial delivery system and then incorporated all of those things into our model.

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We generate yield by specializing in one sector of the market that we know well and that allows us to know, understand and manage risk. Very seldom do you get mortgage quality security with short term liquidity, managed by people who have a vested interest in the success of not only the builders but of the investors. Builders Capital has been around for 15 years as a business. We’ve been a public business for five years and in that five year period, we’ve consistently paid out an 8 percent dividend and we’re very confident about our ability to do that going forward.” – Sandy Loutitt, President & CEO of Builders Capital Mortgage Corp.

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Invest in Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. – a mortgage fund focused on capital preservation and attractive returns. The Fund targets the niche market of short-term, residential construction mortgages. We have an experienced team of professionals at the helm who have a proven track record. Home builders look to us for rapid lending solutions that keep their business on a solid foundation. But flexible, efficient capital is just one aspect of Builders Capital. As finance experts we understand what it takes to make a project profitable for your business. As a design and construction experts we also understand what makes a good home great for your clients. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of expertise that addresses not just the loan but all aspects of your project. For more information on Builder’s Capital Mortgage Corp. (BCF:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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