Bruce Reid talks about Bunker Hill’s Large Lead-Zinc-Silver Resource at Historical Mine

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President & CEO of Bunker Hill Mining Corp., Bruce Reid talks about their historical mine that is one of the  largest lead-zinc -silver resources in the world.

The asset that we’re talking about today is the Bunker Hill Mine. It was discovered in 1885 went into production in 1887 operated for nearly 100 years. This is easily one of the most important and historical mines in American mining history. It shut down in 1981 when it shut, there was almost 60 million tons of material left in the mine. So it has one of the largest lead-zinc -silver resources pretty much in the world. Our initial plans are to attempt production at about 500 tons a day pulling it through some of our neighbor’s mills. But within two years, I hope to have financed and build our own mill. And start running the thing at about 1500 tons a day at least initially and then ultimately expand it up to about 3000 tons a day. The patented ground part of it allows us to go into production, build a mill and I’m mine it without having to apply for either a state or a federal permit. So in terms of the speed in which it allows us to get into production it’s good. It’s really good. This is one of the largest lead zinc-silver assets in the world not in production. In terms of reestablishing production. This is one of the most important and historical mining assets in the United States. Bunker Hill Mining is uniquely positioned to re-develop one of the largest Zinc-Lead-Silver deposits in the Americas not in production, located in the Silver Valley, Idaho USA. Management harnesses previous success in the Silver Valley to realize shareholder value in this near-term production asset. For more information on Bunker Hill Mining Corp. (BNKR:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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