Cultivate Organic, High-Quality Cannabis- C21 Investments

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C21 is a branded consumer products company. We’re in the cannabis and CBD space. We’re currently focusing our operations on the United States. But we’re also exploring opportunities in Canada. We cultivate pure organic, no pesticide, high quality cannabis. Our products are in over 500 dispensaries. We are an established existing business. It is expanding rapidly. Our mission is to unlock the environmental, social and economic utility of cannabis. It is by developing, producing and delivering premium quality. C21 Investments Inc. is a U.S. focused vertically integrated cannabis corporation. It cultivates, processes, and distributes quality cannabis. C21’s current and announced operations currently comprise Silver State Relief in Nevada. Brands – Phantom Farms, Swell Companies, Eco Firma Farms, Grön Chocolate and Grön Confections in Oregon, and five dispensaries in two states. These brands produce and distribute a broad range of THC and CBD products. It is taken from cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, cannabis oil, vaporizer cartridges and edibles. For more information on C21 Investments Inc. (CXXI:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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