Ultra Low Cost Air Travel

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You know to be a successful ultra-low-cost carrier you have to understand the ultra- low-cost model. You have to know how to control costs in the organization. Canada Jetlines’ brand identity is going to be focused on price. We will always provide the lowest fare in any market. At Canada Jetlines, our mission is simple: To provide affordable travel for all. Our motto, “Flying Your Way”, demonstrates our commitment to offer our passengers a choice. Our airline will appeal to travelers that value low-base fares, convenience, great service and the highest level of safety. Our ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC) model will allow Canadians to fly more often and open up a new market of travelers. These are travelers not currently flying from Canadian airports due to high airfares or because of the lack of jet service from Canada’s secondary airports/local airports. Some are flying out U.S. airports near the Canada-U.S. border where flights are usually cheaper. Jetlines plans to create a new market for air travel in Canada and retain passengers by demonstrating our passion for service, which we believe is unrecognizable in today’s market. At Jetlines, we are working to deliver the best value and service. Our goal is to provide a simple and friendly customer experience. We will do this by providing:
  • Customer-focused service both in-flight and on-ground. We will achieve this through a focus on cabin attendant recruitment, training, management support and empowering employees to serve our customers based on our values.
  • Seamless and continuous in-flight service. Our goal is to respond to customer wants and needs with a range of route specific products and services, true to the philosophy that “one size does not fit all.”
  • A high presence of cabin attendants during flights, with increased accessibility for the passengers.
  • Choice to passengers for food or other ancillary items. We won’t charge our travellers for services that they don’t want or need. Instead, our service will enable travellers to pay for what they want while travelling. These value added ‘up-sales’ and ancillary products will be made simple, clear, and reasonable.
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