Gold and Silver: Low-Cost Direct Investment

The Canadian Gold and Silver Reserves Exchange-Traded Receipts (ETRs) provide investors with a secure, convenient and low-cost direct investment in physical gold or silver.


  • Direct ownership in physical gold or silver.
  • All gold and silver is stored at the secure facilities of the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mint has over 100 years of gold refining and custodial experience.
  • Backed by the Canadian government, each ETR constitutes a direct unconditional obligation of Her Majesty in right of Canada.


  • TSX listed in both CAD and USD under the ticker symbols ‘MNT’ and ‘MNT.U’ for gold and ‘MNS’ and ‘MNS.U’ for silver.
  • ETRs are qualified investments for all Canadian registered accounts.
  • Monthly Redemption rights for newly fabricated Royal Canadian Mint gold or silver coins and bars (subject to minimums and fees apply).


  • All-in annual Service Fee of 35 bps (0.35% p.a.) for gold and 45 bps (0.45% p.a.) for silver.

For more information on ETRs please refer to the gold and silver Information Statements which are available on the ETR program website: RESERVES.MINT.CA.

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