Canivate: Redefining the Standard for Cannabis Growth

Canivate Growing Systems is reinventing how high quality, environmentally friendly, cannabis crops are cultivated

Canivate plans to disrupt the industry with a new productivity/profitability model that redefines the gold standard for growing cannabis, hemp and other high-value agricultural products.

Traditionally, there were three ways of growing (outdoor, greenhouse and indoor). Now there is another way – scientifically developed by going back to the foundation of how plants thrive.

This fourth way addresses environmental impact and efficiency, as well as yield. It does so with an innovative approach focused on the inherent challenges, legacy views and systems used currently in the industry.

“The automated growing system (AGS) is inside a facility that is far advanced technologically than a typical greenhouse”, says VP of Design and Construction Troy McClellan.

Canivate’s Growing System

Canivate’s intellectual property (IP), a pioneering facility design and automated growing system, provides a clear and proprietary solution to industry-wide problems. It will deliver a clean, green and pure product, thanks to the combination of a unique growing structure and automated system. This system provides a clean, self-contained environment, with limited human intervention and an assurance of quality control. It is also designed to provide a higher crop yield with daily harvests.

​Their process is designed to dramatically reduce water and power requirements, substantially lowering production costs and environmental impact. It offers the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic equivalent and synthetic and toxin-free crops. It also has the lowest carbon footprint available on the market for indoor growing.

“We want to set ourselves up for growth. So, we’re very focused on securing project financing. We have three contracts in total and we have a sight line on several others”, says CEO, Ingo Mueller.

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