A New Standard For Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation

“Canivate is going to be a massive disruptor to the cannabis industry”, says the company’s CEO Ingo Mueller

Canivate’s focus is on establishing the foundation of clean, green and sustainable cultivation for cannabis and hemp products in Canada, the U.S. and, eventually, globally.

The company has developed IP around facility design and an automated growth system. It produces the most natural form of cannabis at a very low price.

Redefining industry standards for cannabis and hemp cultivation

Canivate’s proprietary facility design and automated growing system is aimed at redefining industry standards for cannabis and hemp cultivation.

The technology provides the potential to substantially increase yield per square foot. This would also reduce operating costs, provide consistent quality, and decrease the environmental impact of traditional greenhouses and indoor facilities. It is also expected to have significantly lower cost per gram on the market compared to conventional cannabis growing facilities.

All in all, through Canivate’s exclusive independent operator (EIO) and its commercial cultivator, there are signed offtake agreements to supply some of California’s most respected, sustainable and successful cannabis brands.

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