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Jamie Blundell, President & COO of Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp. talks about the company’s broad band of cannabis investments in cultivation, retail and branding.

Jamie Blundell, President & COO of Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp. talks about the company’s broadband. The broadband of cannabis invests in cultivation, retail, and branding. We are a diversified, actively managed portfolio of cannabis investments. Both public and private. My name is Jamie Blundell, I’m the President and COO of Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation. Retail shareholders who want to access the space are looking at it on the sidelines. They either don’t have the expertise to pick the single issuer or they’re looking at it. They are concerned about the volatility. And those are two big problems in the space right now and we solve both of those. A lot of retail investors don’t get access to private companies and so we’re kind of giving them that access. And we invest across the value chain so, we’re not just looking at cultivation or retail or branding. We are looking at the whole value chain in the cannabis sector. The way we structured the company, we’re a corporation, not a fund which gives us a lot of flexibility. We can invest in cannabis companies around the world including the U.S. In particular, U.S. Cannabis companies are very sought-after opportunities for investors at this point in time so, that’s a unique feature. Our private holdings are now starting to have liquidity events. They’re either being bought out or taken over or going public and so that then frees up capital for us to continue investing on the private side of the portfolio. Our net asset value doesn’t fluctuate nearly as much as a single issuer would and so if you’re looking for more stability and access to the space, we feel we’re the right investment.” – Jamie Blundell, President & COO of Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp.

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The emerging global cannabis industry has taken the world by storm, offering investors a potential for growth that hasn’t been seen in decades. But a lack of education and awareness of the industry’s complexities has left many investors wondering if and how to participate. That’s where a team of dedicated industry experts can help. At CGOC, we believe the true value of the industry will be seen through a long-term, actively managed strategy. Our team of cannabis industry experts manage a diverse portfolio of private and public investments that has already become one of the top performers within the cannabis sector. And it’s our goal to ensure every investor has access to this opportunity, and benefit from the long-term future of this exciting new market. For more information on Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp. (CGOC:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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