CannTrust is spread Up a Cannabis Production

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Expanding their harvest facility and doubling production

Cannabis is a booming global economy. CannTrust is growing to meet soaring demands by expanding their Niagara Perpetual harvest facility. Further, it is doubling production from 50-100000 kilograms by 2019. Besides, it is entering the Canadian recreational market.  The company is demonstrating market leadership with innovations. Therefore, it includes cannabis infused beverages such as coffee.


CannTrust has patented their single-serve brewing pods. In addition, the brewing pod, Brewbudz, is in the U.S and Canada. Consequently, the brewing pods can be used on a Keurig, Nespresso, and Tassimo type brewer appliances. It’s succesfully launce in the U.S. market. Finally, it will be offered in Canada when the edible market opens in 2019. For more information on CannTrust (TRST:TSX) please fill out the form below.