A Cannabis Education Platform Given by Cannvas MedTech

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Cannvas MedTech To Launch A Free Cannabis Based Educational Platform

Canada prepares to legalize recreational cannabis. Cannvas MedTech is launching Cannvas.me. Furthermore, it is a free, unbiased and physician-backed educational platform aiming to become the Google of cannabis data. Cannvas MedTech is a leading business technology company in the cannabis space. Moreover, the company designs and build customer-centered solutions. It enables their partners to harness the power of data to truly understand their customers, industry, and key business drivers. The company brings technology innovation to the burgeoning cannabis sector. It is through data-driven business solutions. The founder, Steve Loutskou, has vast experience in the business. In addition, he has pushed the company to evolve from a concept to the company that’s changing the face of technology.

Healthcare Through Cannabis

Cannvas.me enables users of all backgrounds and persons to fully understand the potential of cannabis. It is through an unbiased educational platform. In fact, it is designed specifically for the global medicinal and adult-use cannabis communities. The platform features innovative tools & physician-backed content for audiences wishing to learn about healthcare through cannabis. In fact, many sites out there are funded through large corporations. It corners both sides of this market: product and content. Cannvas MedTech is Canada’s first independently funded public company. Consequently, it focuses solely on the education of learning about cannabis.

Cannvas.pet and Cannvas.data

In addition to its latest brand, Cannvas.me, the company also has two other educational based websites about cannabis. Cannvas.pet is a website about how pet parents can utilize the therapeutic properties of cannabis by educating pet owners. Operating as part of the Cannvas.me platform, Cannvas.data is pioneering to be the census data of the cannabis industry. It analyzes a multitude of data points such as contextual consumer data, StrainTrend™ data, firmographic, demographic, and geographic data. For more information on Cannvas MedTech (MTEC:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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