A Free Educational Platform for Cannabis

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Cannvas MedTech is giving marijuana users easy access to a cannabis based educational resource.

Cannvas MedTech’s, a free unbiased educational website for medicinal and adult-use cannabis users. The platform is the leading source of unbiased physician and educator-backed content about the benefits of medicinal cannabis. The site features a Cannvas Academy section, an in-depth learning forum for all audiences to get acquainted with cannabis usage, effects, methods of ingestion, procurement options and more. Their Ailment to Strain Matcher feature helps users find the best suggestive methods of treatment, using their personal profile. The more users use the site, the more it tailors to their information. They also provide the latest news around the ever-emerging cannabis industry, so you can stay up-to date. In addition, the site has a vast collection of articles on how cannabis can help or treat your ailments. For more information on Cannvas MedTech (MTEC:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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