CardioComm Solutions Inc. Monitoring the Heart

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CardioComm Solutions Inc. is a preferred provider of heart monitoring software to over 80 hospitals in North America. Watch for new revenue growth from mobile health software and consumer wearable new product rollouts. CardioComm Solutions, Smart monitoring for the heart. A publically traded company (EKG.v) with and office in Toronto, ON. The company has a unique position in the medical diagnostic industry as an FDA cleared. ISO certified and Health Canada/CE approved company for the development, sale and marketing of medical software and devices. Owns its own source code unlike its competitors who typically acquired source code licenses. CardioComm Solutions’ specialization is in the software engineering of computer based electrocardiogram (“ECG”) management and reporting software. This software permits physician interpretations of ECGs and supports private and public payer fee-for-service billings. ECGs are electrical recordings of the heart and performing an ECG is one of the most common diagnostic tests performed. Over the past three years CardioComm Solutions has successfully launched technologies that enable the use of new medical devices and communication portals utilizing internet and cellular based technologies for the recording, transmission and viewing of ECGs. As of January 2013, CardioComm Solutions’ ECG management solutions can now service both medical and consumer markets internationally. For more information on CardioComm Solutions (EKG.V) please fill out the form below.

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