Prad Sekar on Tools to Help Physicians Prescribe Medical Cannabis

How CB2 Insights uses data tools to help practitioners integrate medical cannabis.

CB2 Insights is a data aggregator within the medical cannabis space. At a time when Canada moved to physicians starting to prescribe medical cannabis.

Most physicians had no idea what they were doing and CB2 brins more qualified data tools to the industry to help practitioners.

Data that’s above all found within healthcare settings and information collected through our own data assets.

Assets of medical clinics about 28 clinics in 12 states. And recently announced acquisition for two more states. Combined to proprietary technology that’s effectively designed on capturing what would be a traditional clinical trial and more of an observational setting.

Taking that data and then effectively turning that into insights. The now developed tools certainly help physicians at the point of care. For example, go through conversations of patients, qualify and them prescribe them.

Our partnership with Premier Health shows the steps and the layers behind our business as to where can data be utilized in the health care industry.

So we’re talking about decision support tools where if I’m a physician in front of a patient within a matter of seconds. I’m now able to get all the information that I never used to have to have an educated conversation with my patient.

The future of the industry as it evolves into better education and knowledge, we expect that CB2 Insights will be a primer for data to power that industry.” – Prad Sekar, CEO of CB2 Insights

Mainstreaming medical cannabis

CB2 Insights has a mission to mainstream medical cannabis into traditional healthcare. We do so by gathering data and creating objective real-world evidence through our proprietary software.

Using clinical management and data collection software at the point-of-care. CB2 Insights and its group of sub-brands has become a leading force behind bringing traditional healthcare protocols to the cannabis industry.

To date, the Company has collected millions of data points from more than 300,000 patient interactions.

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