Cloud DX: Disrupting Remote Patient Monitoring

Digital medicine technology and virtual care

Cloud DX is a virtual care and digital medicine technology company. They’re focused on disrupting remote patient monitoring in health sectors in Canada and the United States. In fact, the company is improving the virtual care experience with novel technologies in a sector that’s expected to grow at over 38 percent per year for the rest of the decade.

“We’re the only company in our space that invents entirely new medical devices. And that means we control the whole platform user experience for patients and physicians,” says CEO, Robert Kaul.

Furthermore, the company combines core competencies in biomedical hardware engineering, cloud-based medical device architecture, algorithm-based result generation, regulatory approval experience and internationally ISO certified quality management, brought together to create a new category of medical device: the medically accurate, consumer/clinical vital sign platform. Moreover, Cloud DX is a first-mover in the race to combine clinical grade data collection with a consumer-friendly user experience.

“Virtual health care has seen explosive growth as a new investment opportunity, but few companies in the space are truly differentiating. And as one of those companies, Cloud DX believes, were a genuine leader, we’re just getting started,” says Kaul.

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