CloudMD: Virtual Doctor Visits – The New Normal

Virtual medical care on your schedule

CloudMD Software & Services is a rapidly growing technology company focused on digitizing the delivery of healthcare. This provides patients access to all points of their care from their phone, tablet or desktop computer.

“The future of healthcare is not the old school brick and mortar clinic or the Mom and Pop clinic,” says CEO Dr. Essam Hamza.

The Company has developed proprietary technology. Further, it delivers quality healthcare through the combination of connected primary care clinics, telemedicine and artificial intelligence.

CloudMD is available now in the App Store and Google Store. Any patient in British Columbia or Ontario can download it for free. They can also see one of their doctors for free. Moreover, patients can get a prescription, referral, a lab req, or they can talk about mental health issues and other concerns that they have at any time for themselves or their family members. It’s all covered by the provincial plans.

“The future is providing a full virtual healthcare system to patients and doctors that’s seamless on the same platform,” says Dr. Hamza.

CloudMD is also expanding into the pharmacy kiosk business, where patients can connect with a doctor while they’re at the pharmacy. Revenue is also generated from licensing the cloud-based Electronic Medical Records system – or EMR; intellectual property the company developed themselves.

“We own a software company that has an EMR called Juno, and it’s being used by three hundred and seventy-six clinics across the country, three thousand doctors and about three million patient charts in Canada,” says Dr. Hamza.

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