CobalTech Mining Inc. Next Big Cobalt Producer

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Cobalt is Essential in Lithium based Batteries, a market expected to be $46 Billion within 5 years. Cobaltech Mining, with their new acquisition, is laying the foundation to be North America’s next Cobalt producer. CobalTech Mining Inc. is a North American Cobalt company with near-term production assets in Ontario, Canada. The company owns and operates the Duncan Kerr Property located outside of Cobalt, Ontario. In an area known for its geological setting responsible for unique mineralization composed of quartz-carbonate veins enriched in silver-cobalt-nickel-bismuth-arsenic. The company’s assets and technology have provided them the foundation to become North America’s first vertically integrated cobalt processing company. With the capacity to take mineralized ore through production to high-tech metals for use in the lithium battery industry. For more information on CobalTech Mining Inc. (CSK.V) please fill out the form below.

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