Copperbank Resources’ Portfolio of Well-Established Copper Projects

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Executive Chairman and CEO of CopperBank Resources Corp. Gianni Kovacevic shares the companies plans to enhance the share position of their shareholders.

CopperBank was founded in the middle of 2014, during the commodity bear market. With the belief that if copper prices were to normalize there was a lot of optionality. By owning established reserves and resources of copper projects. And we believe that copper prices will be strong in the future. Due to the global electrification of energy. We wanted to have projects that were situated in places that we could send our children to work. That was our risk profile. They had to be projects that had meaningful amount of money spent on them already. And they had to be projects that we felt in our sphere of influence we could monetize joint venture partner these projects in normalized copper priced environments. The company has three projects with established resources and reserves. Two in Alaska and one in the state of Nevada. And it would take in excess of $50 million dollars to duplicate all the work that has already been completed on these projects. Within the junior mining space there is often a void. And that’s what’s called the accelerator, so we are not necessarily a joint venture model. We’re looking to enhance the share position of all of our shareholders. Vis a vie our projects as individual assets. They are our portfolio now, but in the future we have the optionality to potentially partner with various groups. So in the future we could have two or three or four partnerships within the strategy.

CopperBank Strategy and Business Model

Created by a group of well respected investors, geologists and engineers. To consolidate world-class copper properties and offer a unique “pounds in the ground” copper investment vehicle. Our strategy is to accretively advance our portfolio while managing the core business like owner operators. And vehemently protecting our value offering on a per share basis. Due to our low overhead model and established suite of projects. CopperBank has one of the lowest G&A operating budgets of any publicly listed company in Canada. The management of CopperBank have demonstrated intensive insider buying. Distinguishing our brand as one of the most insider supported companies in North America. For more information on Copperbank Resources Corp. (CBK:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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