Electric Cars Have Spiked Cobalt Demand | Cruz Cobalt Corp

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The electric car industry has spiked cobalt demand. Cobalt’s price has recently increased over one hundred percent.

About Cruz Cobalt Corp & Cobalt Demand

Cruz Cobalt Corp is the foremost Cobalt project generator and developer in North America. They currently have nine cobalt projects located throughout North America, comprising of four in Ontario, three in British Columbia, one in Idaho and one in Montana. They have amassed 9 of the highest historically graded cobalt projects in North America. Coupled with multiple work programs now underway. Their four separate Ontario cobalt prospects are all located in the vicinity of the town of Cobalt making Cruz one of the single largest land holders in this emerging cobalt district. The company’s Ontario projects include the 900-acre Coleman Cobalt prospect, the 900-acre Johnson Cobalt Prospect, the 5500-acre Hector Cobalt Prospect and the 1,480-acre Bucke Cobalt Prospect. Their 4935-acre War Eagle Cobalt Prospect in British Columbia covers a past-producing mine. For more information on Cruz Cobalt Corp. (CUZ:TSX.V, BKTPF:USA) please fill out the form below.

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