Danavation Technologies: Game-Changing Digital Smart Labels™

Automated product and price labelling

Danavation Technologies has developed Digital Smart Labels™, or DSLs. This is a potential game-changing technology to help revolutionize the world of automated product and price labelling. DSLs are digital smart labels to replace the old-style way of doing business on a shelf which is printed labels, printed stickies, and perforated paper.

Further, the company is a leading provider of micro e-paper displays in North America. Our state-of-the-art Digital Smart Labels™ enable companies to automate labelling, price, product information, as well as promotions in real-time.

“It’s something that every store needs to be looking at right now to move forward. It’s the future of retail,” says President & CEO, John Ricci.

Customized to the consumer

Danavation can make the screen look like anything you want. “In the case of a liquor store that has a product like wine – we can put the wine review, the sweetness, scale, point of origin. So anything the retailer wants us to display on that DSL, is possible,” says Ricci.

The company is also looking to expand into manufacturing and logistics companies, and health care facilities. This would include modernizing and updating aftercare facilities. For example, building digital smart tags into room signs that give doctors immediate access to patient records that are automated and updated daily. “We can walk into any basic medical center or an aftercare facility and modernize that facility in a matter of days,” says Ricci.

Danavation is looking to make a major expansion in the US over the next few years, and is expecting the US market to drive 80% of their sales through 2026.

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