Business Critical Data In Real Time

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Datametrex is focused on big data for corporations and Governments to collect, analyze and react to essential information in real time. Solutions to include: Retail Data Collection, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain for transferring data. With our DataTap technology, merchants can access their business-critical data in real-time and from anywhere, without disrupting their transaction processing. The key differentiator between DataTap and the current technology is that DataTap passively captures data as it flows from the POS terminal during a transaction as opposed to other technologies that interrupt the flow to capture data. Datametrex’s DataTap device is installed between the POS and a device (i.e. Receipt Printer).  The DT captures all data sent from the POS to the device. Captured data is then forwarded, via Wifi to the cloud where it is scrubbed and analyzed. Data can include: unit price, total price, quantity, etc. Transaction data is then populated into Dashboard reports which are made accessible to customers through our web based portal. We are IoT (Internet of Things) believers. Everyday we challenge ourselves to come up with new and better ways to get retail data into the hands of those who need it. It may be more detailed information, real-time data access or improvements to data analysis and presentation. For more information n Datametrex Ltd. (DM.V) please fill out the form below.  

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